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show the United

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Sleep, what band 6
Sleep, what band 6, the last point the most serious and potentially fatal: Human sleep is the most complete system, the most effective method of rest,
Health is an important part of science.
However, if
Ignore some small things sleep,
Harmful to health.
1, wearing a "table" to sleep.
Some people like to sleep wearing a watch,
This will not only shorten the life of the watch,
More detrimental to health.
Because watches
Particularly luminous watch with radium radiation, although the amount is minimal,
But experts believe that the accumulation of time can lead to undesirable consequences.
2 Day "teeth" to sleep.
Some people used to go to bed wearing dentures,
Dentures are often asleep accidentally swallow the esophagus,
Dentures steel hooks may be punctured water along the banks of the aortic arch,
Cause bleeding or even death.
Therefore, people who wear dentures is best to remove dentures before going to bed clean,
Conducive to oral health, but also safe to sleep.
3 Day "shield" to sleep. FXIV Gil
Swtor Credits
Swtor Credits
Hawaii Institute of civilization diseases through surveys more than 5,000 women found that
Bra over 12 hours a day woman
The possibility of breast cancer than short-term wear or not wear the people more than 20 times higher.
Woman bra is to show the United States or the protection of the breast,
Sleep at night not that necessary.
4 with the "opportunities" to sleep.
Some people call easy to sleep at night when the phone on the first side.
U.S. experts James Cook noted that a variety of electronic devices,
Such as color televisions, refrigerators and mobile phones in use and for the process,
Have a lot of different wavelength and frequency
Electromagnetic waves released,
The formation of an electronic fog,
Affects the nervous system and physiological dysfunction,
Although the release of minimal
But Bukebufang.
5 with "makeup" to sleep.
Some women, especially young women,
They are often too lazy to remover before going to bed.
Information, content to sleep with makeup Yan,
Will plug the pores of your skin,
Sweat secretion caused by obstacles
Prevent cell respiration,
Will go a long induced acne,
Face damage.
Therefore, it is necessary to face up remover before going to bed,
The timely removal of facial makeup of the stimulus
Let your skin breathe fully,
Only to keep the skin moist,
Also contribute to early.
6. Western: Wet hair sleep easily cause dizziness, nausea
Beijing Puren Hospital, Dr. Liu Rui introduced the evening and wash your hair before going to sleep habits of people, if not seriously dry hair, so a lot of water retention on the scalp surface, especially in the winter night temperature is low, directly on the bed the most vulnerable to disease. Slept until midnight, there was partial scalp numbness, accompanied by rain, dull pain. Early the next morning, it will appear inexplicable headache or dizziness, severe nausea will appear. Over time, will lead to a kind known as "scalp vein plexus inflammatory" diseases.
Posté le: Mar 7 Sep - 05:56 (2010)
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