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dilated capillaries

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Posté le: Mar 7 Sep - 05:55 (2010) Répondre en citant

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Chinese medicine: hair quit cold to sleep easily

Xiyuan Hospital, Chinese Academy of Miao Qing doctors, the day, people yang weakest at midnight, people after a day of consumption, it is easy to feel tired, which indicates that the human body, "Wei Qi" activity declined, which reduced ability to withstand cold . So if before going to bed wash your hair with hot water after it had been dilated capillaries, by external stimuli, head cold and pour yang met, they will make the body cold, so reflex contraction of the capillary to the upper respiratory tract and partial reduction of blood flow, reduced resistance to upper respiratory tract, so that local already exist on the virus or bacteria take advantage of the growth and reproduction, resulting in upper respiratory tract infections, which have flu symptoms such as runny nose, stuffy nose, headache or fever. So in the case of the hair is dry to sleep, more vulnerable to cold.
PS: turn "small strong" Space Base
1, at 9-11 point the immune system (lymph) detoxification time, this period should be quiet or listen to music.
2, night 11 - 1:00, liver detoxification, need to be sleeping.
3, points 1-3 am, gall bladder detoxification, likewise. FFXIV Gil
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4, 3-5 am point, lung detoxification. Namely why people cough cough during this period the most dramatic action has come to the lungs due to detoxification; not use cough
Medicine, so as not to inhibit the exclusion of waste sediments.
5, 5-7 am point, colon detoxification, should the toilet bowel.
6, 7-9 am on point, the small intestine absorbs nutrients period of time, should eat breakfast. The best early treatment of patients to eat before the 6:30, and health in the 7:30
Ago, do not eat breakfast should change their habit, even if the drag something to eat than not eat well 9,10.
7, midnight to 4:00 hours for the spinal cord blood to be asleep, not stay up late.
Eight, not a good long sleep. The most appropriate length of 6 to 8 hours a day
Posté le: Mar 7 Sep - 05:55 (2010)
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